winemaker popping open a bottle of wine

Our Winemaker

Originally from Ceresole d’Alba, Simone Bergese holds degrees in Oenology and Viticulture from the Turin University in Northern Italy. While known for his minimalistic approach and high-quality standard, Simone insists that the most important factor in his winemaking process is the caliber of grape. This standard consistently yields a product that makes sustainable and award-winning wines.

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handful of grapes

The Team

Our winery team is made up a hand-selected group of passionate people love the wine industry, from vineyard to bottle. Amassing over seventy years of experience in wine, it's no surprise that Chateau Elan Winery continuously raises the bar and never fails to impress. Hard work, great visions, and big dreams— that’s the recipe of our success.

vineyards at chateau elan


Simplicity and sustainability above everything else — that’s our all philosophy behind selecting each of our grape variety and terroirs. Our more holistic approach is guided by instinct and more than 20 years of observation and experience, resulting in superior, sustainable and healthier wines.

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