Exclusively For Oenophiles

White & Rosé Wines Glass / Bottle

Nancy Fingerprint Collection

Intense Blend of Viognier, Gewurtztraminer and Moscato Bianco with fruity and floral flavor and 0% residual sugar and very low sulfites

14.00 / 34.00

Pinot Grigio Reserve

Bouquet of white flowers, peach skins, unripened pears, and a balanced minerality

11.00 / 29.00

Chardonnay Reserve

No malolactic fermentation, 0% residual sugar, 14.3% alcohol, and low sulfites.

11.00 / 29.00

Sauvignon Blanc Reserve

Grapefruit aromas with dry-fruity medium body. Bright acidity.

11.00 / 29.00

Brut Sparkling Wine

Made in the Charmat method. 100% Chardonnay grapes, slightly off-dry with flavors of lemon and green apple. Grapes grown in Lodi, CA.

11.00 / 29.00

Rosé Reserve Sparkling Wine

Fruit forward flavors with hints of red berry, raspberry and strawberry. Slight residual sugar with an elegant and fresh finish.

11.00 / 29.00

Moscato Sparkling

Classic Moscato with a sparkling twist and apricot and orange aromas

14.00 / 48.00

Rosé Reserve

Citrus flavors and raspberry notes. Aged in stainless steel tanks for 6 months.

11.00 / 29.00

Specialty Wines Glass / Bottle


This extremely unique wine can be classified as a white Port. Its color is an intense amber and the flavors range from brown sugar to complex and pronounced notes of honey, dried fruit, and licorice.

0.00 / 95.00

American Port

Ruby opaque color. Flavors of berries and spice. Aged in rum barrels from Richland Rum Distillery, 0% sulfites added, non-filtered.

0.00 / 52.00

Moscato D’Asti D.O.C.G.

Sweet and sparkling with sweet peach and orange finish.

12.00 / 45.00

Dolce Rosso D.O.C.G.

Sweet and sparkling with notes of raspberry and made with Long Cluster Brechetto grapes.

12.00 / 45.00

Muscadine Wines Glass / Bottle

Duncan Creek

100% Carlos Muscadine grapes. Light, sweet and crisp, a classic true to our region.

7.00 / 16.00

Summer Wine

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine wine but with peach nectar essence.

7.00 / 16.00

Autumn Blush

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine wine but with raspberry nectar essence.

7.00 / 16.00

Spring Blossom

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine wine but with strawberry nectar essence.

7.00 / 16.00

Berry Bliss

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine wine but with blueberry and blackberry essence.

7.00 / 16.00

Tropical Breeze

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine wine but with pineapple and passionfruit essence.

7.00 / 16.00

Duncan Creek Rosé

A sweet, crisp wine, with a beautiful light pink color.

7.00 / 16.00

Duncan Creek Red

Made from 100% Georgia-grown Noble Muscadines, vibrant red color.

7.00 / 16.00

Lime Spritzer

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine with a bubbly twist and refreshing lime taste
7.00 / 16.00

Red Wines Glass / Bottle

Bioterra Petite Sirah

Zero use of sulfites, unfiltered, unfined, and aged in biodynamic barrels. Very deep with earthy, espresso aromas of dark fruits, dark chocolate, vanilla and lavender. On the palate you will taste berries, espresso and mocha wrapped in dense tannins.

25.00 / 140.00

The Roldec Fingerprint Collection

100% Teroldego Italian grapes and processed through malolactic fermentation. Bright acidity with smothered spices and light fruit.

19.00 / 70.00

Mameli Fingerprint Collection

Italian Blend of Nebbiolo, Montepulciano, and Barbera.

19.00 / 75.00

Tannat Fingerprint Collection

Very expressive in the nose with black fruits, mulberries, cassis, raisins, over an elegant smoky background. The full palate is cut by bright acidity, while plum, and berry.

19.00 / 70.00

Pinot Noir Reserve

Has nuances of forest floor and ripe berries. Soft and velvety tannins with a great acidity level. It has 14% of alcohol and zero residual sugar.

14.00 / 31.00

Merlot Reserve

Peppery flavor. Extremely textured with a smooth structure. Aged 5 months in French oak.

14.00 / 31.00

Scarlet Reserve

100% Syrah with meaty, black pepper flavors and dark fruit such as blackberry and blueberry with hints of licorice and herbs.

14.00 / 31.00

Velvet Reserve

Young, vibrant, powerful, smooth, and slightly-oaked fruit bomb with lots of cassis an strawberry flavors

14.00 / 31.00

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Flavors of cherries and plum pie. Medium-to-full body. Grapes grown in Woodland and Red Hill, CA. Aged 10 months in New French Oak barrels, no filtration or stabilization.

15.00 / 48.00
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