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White & Rosé Wines Glass / Bottle

Pinot Grigio Reserve

Bouquet of white flowers, peach skins, unripened pears, and a balanced minerality

10 / 26

Chardonnay Reserve

No malolactic fermentation, 0% residual sugar, 14.3% alcohol, and low sulfites.

10 / 26

Sauvignon Blanc Reserve

Grapefruit aromas with dry-fruity medium body. Bright acidity.

10 / 26

Brut Sparkling Wine

Made in the Charmat method. 100% Chardonnay grapes, slightly off-dry with flavors of lemon and green apple. Grapes grown in Lodi, CA.

10 / 26

Rosé Reserve

Citrus flavors and raspberry notes. Aged in stainless steel tanks for 6 months.

10 / 26

Sweet Giggles Sparkling Wine

100% Carlos grapes, aged 14 months in French oak barrels. 1.9% residual sugar with soft notes of peach. 

12 / 40

Specialty Wines Glass / Bottle

American Port

Ruby opaque color. Flavors of berries and spice. Aged in rum barrels from Richland Rum Distillery, 0% sulfites added, non-filtered.

0 / 52

Moscato D’Asti D.O.C.G.

Sweet and sparkling with sweet peach and orange finish.

12 / 35

Dolce Rosso D.O.C.G.

Sweet and sparkling with notes of raspberry and made with Long Cluster Brechetto grapes.

12 / 35

Muscadine Wines Glass / Bottle

Cherokee White

An off-dry Muscadine blend with nuances of flowers and tropical fruit. 1.5% residual sugar.

6 / 15

Cherokee Rosé

A refreshing Muscadine blend with 95% Triumph and 5% Carlos. Subtle Muscadine flavors, very close to a Vinifera wine.

7 / 17

Duncan Creek

100% Carlos Muscadine grapes. Light, sweet and crisp, a classic true to our region.

6 / 15

Summer Wine

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine wine but with peach nectar essence.

6 / 15

Autumn Blush

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine wine but with raspberry nectar essence.

6 / 15

Spring Blossom

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine wine but with strawberry nectar essence.

6 / 15

Berry Bliss

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine wine but with blueberry and blackberry essence.

6 / 15

Tropical Breeze

Same great profile of our classic Muscadine wine but with pineapple and passionfruit essence.

6 / 15

Duncan Creek Rosé

A sweet, crisp wine, with a beautiful light pink color.

6 / 15

Duncan Creek Red

Made from 100% Georgia-grown Noble Muscadines, vibrant red color.

6 / 15

Red Wines Glass / Bottle

Pinot Noir Reserve

Has nuances of forest floor and ripe berries. Soft and velvety tannins with a great acidity level. It has 14% of alcohol and zero residual sugar.

13 / 29

Merlot Reserve

Peppery flavor. Extremely textured with a smooth structure. Aged 5 months in French oak.

13 / 29

Scarlet Reserve

100% Syrah with meaty, black pepper flavors and dark fruit such as blackberry and blueberry with hints of licorice and herbs.

13 / 29

Velvet Reserve

Barbera and Tempranillo grapes. Slightly oaked and very fruity. Soft-medium body.

13 / 29

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Flavors of cherries and plum pie. Medium-to-full body. Grapes grown in Woodland and Red Hill, CA. Aged 10 months in New French Oak barrels, no filtration or stabilization.

15 / 48

The Roldec Fingerprint Collection

Made from 100% Teroldego grapes, an ancient Italian variety originally from the North East region of Trentino Alto Adige.

16 / 57

Mameli Fingerprint Collection

A blend of noble Italian varieties, complex features, and a perfect balance of earth and fruit.

0 / 65

Aglianico Fingerprint Collection

Rich, medium-bodied, taste profile of dark fruit, especially plums, with some overtones of milk chocolate. 

18 / 65

Malbec Fingerprint Collection

An excellent expression of the varietal layered with dried fig, vanilla bean, finished with a background of anise.

18 / 65

Tempranillo Fingerprint Collection

100% Tempranillo aged in New French Oak for 2 years, not filtered. No detectable sulfite. Cinnamon and fig notes, this is a complex wine.

18 / 65
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